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marzo 5

As a freelance animator, living in Panama, you have to be some sort of octopus who runs a marathon while juggling. You have to be fast, you have to be on top of everything and endure while keeping your sanity. Being a night person, who does all-nighters, charged with energy drinks is not the sane […]

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marzo 1

En este momento, en el que tanto se está hablando de la industria de los efectos visuales, yo decidí que voy a meterme más en el mundo del Matte Painting. Me llegó por correo el libro The Digital Matte Painting Handbook de David Mattingly, publicado por Sybex. Es lo más completo que he encontrado para […]

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febrero 28

I’ve been waiting for the Dynamic Topology tool and the skin modifier to come out since August last year. When different builds began to appear and demos to manifest themselves, I was impressed as they seemed to take ideas directly from Zbrush, and yet, not at all, because the Blender way of working is another […]

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febrero 26

In Blender 2.66 there has been a slight change that might drive some of us crazy for a while. Alpha channels don’t seem to work. Searching around, I found the solution: In the Shading tab in the Render Properties, the alpha is set to “sky” by default, instead you must put “transparent” and it will […]

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