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agosto 18

This is a brief explanation of how to get started on set design with thumbnails. I hear you. You want to be able to pull a landscape out of your head, but your knowledge (or lack of knowledge) stops you from bothering, so whenever you want to freely doodle a landscape, you end up making […]

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junio 24

From the october 4th 2014 to march 1st 2015, in Paris, there was an exhibition by Studio Ghibli about  layout design for animation. Specifically their animated films. It took place in Art Ludique Musée. All 2D animated shots are formed by two elements: the animation and the background. Whether the background is an interior, […]

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mayo 10

Planning Should be an animation principle. There, I said it. One thing that has doubled my animation production capabilites and has taken my performances out of doubt and injected fun to the whole mix, is learning how to do proper planning. I say it must be an animation principle, because it’s the phase of animation […]

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noviembre 12

Here are some basic animation tips for beginner animators. Tips I would have loved to hear back then, when I didn’t know tips existed. You want to start learning animation, but don’t want to be overwhelmed with tons of things you won’t need right away for every animation you make? Start Small. What do I […]

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