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abril 8

Por qué compartir tus conocimientos? No es a caso darle una ventaja a la competencia? Creo que en realidad, únicamente los magos y el Coronel Sanders no revelan sus secretos. Las demás personas deben estar al tanto de que existe una cosa llamada internet y que todo puede ser averiguado tarde o temprano. Entonces te […]

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marzo 19

Someone once asked me if digital artists do not enjoy movies, because we know how they did everything, that we spend the whole movie looking for deception or error in visual effects. I call that: the bored artist complex. I answered that it can happen, but it depends on the person. Visual effects artists are […]

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marzo 9

There’s two aspects art and science in visual effects, some times it’s half and half, some times there’s very little science, or very little art, but they’re both present all the time. You’re like a scientist because things are tested and experiment with formulas, with the capabilities of the software and its benefits. We differ […]

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marzo 5

As a freelance animator, living in Panama, you have to be some sort of octopus who runs a marathon while juggling. You have to be fast, you have to be on top of everything and endure while keeping your sanity. Being a night person, who does all-nighters, charged with energy drinks is not the sane […]

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