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mayo 17

Speaking of 2D, here’s a 2D and 3D hybrid, in which Pascualín is a magician and makes Mini Chocochip Cookies by Pascual appear. This is a small demonstration of what is behind the scenes of the Flan. So here goes Mini Chocochip BTS. Mini Chocochip is the first commercial sequence Flan de la Casa has […]

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mayo 14

Cycles de Blender no deja de impresionarme y la rapidez con la que Blender saca actualizaciones es aun más sorprendente. Blender Cycles ya está equipado con un shader de Subsurface Scattering, o SSS, y es el más fácil de fijar y ajustar. Subsurface scattering es lo que ocurre dentro de objetos traslúcidos: la cera de […]

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mayo 12

Recently, Disney fired most of the classic animators it had left. More than one called this “the end of 2D”. There is no such thing. The future of these former Disney animators does not worry me at all. They already know how to work together and know their strengths and weaknesses. That’s already more than […]

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abril 24

You know what makes me get up every day, wanting to work? Knowing that someone somewhere in the world, at this time, using the same time I can also use, is creating a masterpiece. The other day, while listening to a song from a favorite band, admiring how great was the complete discography, I thought, […]

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